Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

 While the Internet is increasingly becoming our go-to source for instantly connecting with others, conducting business, shopping and more, there are certain safety precautions we need to consider. Whether we’re at our desktops at the office, on our mobile devices on the road, or accessing the Internet through a computer in a public space, such as a hotel business center, we must be cognizant of cyber crime and know where the risks lie. According to David Nelson, an FDIC fraud specialist, there are specific steps you can follow to minimize the risk of identity theft and other online attacks. Here are his top five suggestions: If you bank online, frequently check your deposit accounts and lines of credit to spot and report errors or fraudulent transactions, just as you should with traditional banking. Never give your Social Security number, credit or debit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs) or any other confidential information in response to an unsolicited email, text message or phone call, no matter who the source supposedly is. Don’t open attachments or click on links in unsolicited emails from anyone you don’t know or you otherwise aren’t sure about. And watch out for sudden pop-up windows asking for personal information or warning of a virus. Be on guard against scams hiding behind online coupon offers. Beware of any coupon site that asks for personal, financial or payment information, which can be misused by criminals. Be careful if you download banking software onto a smartphone. The latest emerging threat comes from criminals selling malicious software for mobile banking, some even falsely displaying bank logos. These applications may contain spyware, and downloading them could give a hacker access to your bank account or payment card information. Only download mobile banking applications from a safe site, such as your wireless provider, phone manufacturer or your bank. When in doubt, contact your bank before downloading any banking applications to your cell phone. As a Member of the Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, I have a wealth of real estate and homeownership information that may be of help to you. Feel free to contact me any time to learn more about this important information, and be sure to forward this article on to any friends or family that may be interested as well.

Source: Top 5 in Real Estate

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